Save the Date Cards are mostly a standard not original save the date announcement card. Although they are commonly used in the preparation process of the wedding, creativity is nowhere to be found. We don’t question the function of these cards. Especially when the happy couple marries in a holiday season, the Save the Date Cards gives the couple the possibility to announce their wedding far in advance to make sure that friends and family can take their date into mind while booking a vacation. Besides, sending out Save the Date Cards is a time-honored way of giving your friends and family plenty of time to prepare for this very special occasion. Providing plenty of advance notice about special celebrations, such as destination weddings or costume weddings, is the polite thing to do. But we would like to present a more original way to notify your friends and family.

Are you planning your wedding and are you looking for a special way to announce your wedding? Than just a simple Save the Date Card isn’t going to cut it. There are much more surprising and original ways to send notice about your wedding date. You should take into mind that the Save the Date announcement should hold the following information: name of the couple, date (and time) of the wedding and optional the location of the wedding. The latter is relevant for example when the couple marries abroad. In general a Save the Date announcement doesn’t have to hold a lot of information, and this gives you lots of possibilities regarding an original save the Date announcement.


Save the Date Love Sparklers

We have come across a very special, sparkling and original Save the Date announcement: Love Sparklers. These Sparklers are traditionally used as personalised wedding favours or for a sparkling exit of the newlyweds. However, these Sparklers are perfect for your original Save the Date announcements.

The Sparklers favours concept from LocoMix includes 3 sparklers, a personalised card, and a sachet. The card has enough space for information regarding the Save the Date notice. LocoMix provides a varied collection for the Sparklers. You can adjust the design in their online design tool. This gives you to possibility to change the design to your wishes. Easily change the standard favour design into a Save the Date announcement. If you don’t like any of the designs to be the base of your announcement favour, don’t worry. You could simply choose the ‘start from scratch’ option and design your own Sparklers from scratch. How great is that!

What is more fitting for your Save the Date announcement than sparks flying around? Notify your friends and family of your wedding date with these Sparklers and ‘Let Love Sparkle’.