The bridal fashion week in Barcelona is already history and some new surprising trends have been presented on the runway. Some trends we have seen before, but others will surprise you. We have grouped the trends into 5 main topics. Go on reading and discover what you can expect of the wedding dresses in 2017.


Was 2016 all about organic shapes, flowers and more, in 2017 we will see more graphic prints on wedding dresses. We say more graphic prints, as the organics shapes are still present in 2017’s dresses. Also the combination is present as we can see in some dresses of Inmaculade Garcia. A combination of patterns can be quite hectic, but due to the neutral overall colour, the shapes will blend in and complement to the overall look.


Besides the traditional whites, we have seen plenty of other colours presented on the runway. Blush wedding dresses have been hot for a while and that will not change over 2017. Also other romantic watercolour colours like blue and peach are on trend this season. In addition to these romantic colours, brides can make a statement this glamourous colour: gold. We haven’t come across a total gold wedding dress (how cool would that be), but we have seen a lot golden details. Do you like gold details in your wedding dress? Consult your friends and family and the wedding dress adviser if the gold matches your skin tone. In contradiction to these romantic colours, we also have seen black on the runway. Mostly this colour isn’t associated with a bridal gown or a wedding, but there were many designers that have included a black dress in their collection, think of Rosa Clara, Cymbeline and Inmaculade Garcia.

Toppers and Jackets

Toppers and jackets were a big hit this season. Brides Magazine referred to it as “making their mark in the form of capelets, bomber jackets, boleros, and ponchos”. This is perfect for brides who want different looks during the day. Taking of the topper or jacket will create a whole different look and style. In no time the bride can change from her reception dress to her party dress.


Surprise and treat your husband with a (little cleavage). We were treaded to sexier bridal fashion this season. There were numerous plunging necklines and deep v-neck styles were seen at almost every presentation. The designers are expecting the 2017 brides to be bold and are counting on the fact that they will make skin baring choices. The results are amazing, elegant and perfect for modern brides who are willing to make a statement. An advantage of this trend is that the v-neck styles are flattering for most body types.  V-neck not your style? Then choose for an off-the-shoulder dress. This ready-to-wear trend has been trickled down to the bridal world and is just as sexy as the v-neck.